Predefined CSS rules in most browsers    June 26, 2006    1

Each and every time I start working on a new (X)HTML / CSS project – same problems turn up. As you probably know, every browser has some predifined CSS rules that you might need to override in order for your page to appear correctly on most of them. I say most of them because some […]

Banner ads with HTML elements — banners that actually work    June 19, 2006    0

Banners are one of the most used marketing tools on the Web for ages — you can see them on almost every commercial site. Some of them are successful, some are not. Some of them are truly annoying, some interesting. No matter how they look and feel, people are still using them. One thing that’s […]

Control your color gradient tool!    June 12, 2006    3

There is one thing you should know about gradients no matter what application you use — it is a tricky business. You can create nice color harmony or ruin your layout in 3 mouse clicks. Back in 2002 I was avoiding it wherever possible from various reasons: Page load was longer It looked unprofessional and […]

The Golden Ratio Equals 1.61803399.. : Intro    May 12, 2004    18

Have you ever heard of the Golden ratio? If you were studying mathematics you heard of it as something like this: Yeah, it is irrational number. Not cool at all, I know. Why on EARTH I mentioned it here?? Please read the following.. The Golden Mean or Phi and the Golden Ratio abound in nature […]
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